Our Process

The most important part of our interior design process is you. Reflecting your vision of the function of each area of space; the style and character you want to convey; the tone and mood you want to set –lively and energizing, serene and relaxing, or perhaps a bit playful – these are the primary considerations that guide our work.

Our concepts are discussed with you. Our sketches and samples are provided for your review and feedback. Our interior designer works with your architects and engineers, and provides exacting specifications for constructors to create the perfect form and aesthetic.

We work with an international network of suppliers, manufacturers, craftsmen, and other artisans to procure and produce exceptional fixtures and furnishings, including custom designed pieces made just for you.

Then, under Monika’s vigilant watch, walls are painted, furniture is placed, art is hung, and each room comes to life with unique flair.

To learn more about our services, please call 403-650-1514.